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Movie poster collectors almost always want to buy an “original” movie poster, which is a poster actually used or intended to be used in movie theater lobbies or other advertising venues (bus stops, etc.).  Unfortunately, the hobby is plagued by fakes, bootlegs, and reprints, especially for the most popular and valuable posters (Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, etc.)  Check out this section to learn how to distinguish originals from reprints.

Welcome to, the Internet’s newest portal, reference, and showcase for the wonderful world of movie poster collecting!  Unlike most other movie poster websites, this site is 100% non-profit and non-commercial, run by a collector (not a dealer), totally independent from any dealers, and intended solely to benefit movie poster collectors.  Here you can learn how to distinguish original movie posters from reprints and bootlegs, view many superior movie posters, link to outstanding personal collections and movie poster websites, avoid fake sellers, and much more.

This section of the website features numerous “showcase” galleries devoted to Rare, Recalled, Unused Concept, Star Wars, James Bond, Barbarella, and more. Check ‘em out! Note: As of June 2014, some images have been moved to the Photo Albums section of the MPC Facebook Page.

This section of the website explains and compares the various sizes of US and international movie posters.

This section of the website will refer you to numerous other helpful resources on the Internet, including movie poster forums, movie poster blogs, and other movie poster general resource sites.

This section of the website will lead you to outstanding personal collections of top movie poster collectors.

This section of the website will explain your best options for purchasing movie posters on the Internet and includes links to auction sites:

This section of the website will test your knowledge of movie posters. It’s harder than you think!

This section of the website will refer you to some of the best movie poster books on the market.

Most movie poster collectors want to display at least some of their posters. This section of the website offers tips and tricks for framing, displaying, and storing your posters.

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a poster that is damaged or destroyed due to poor/lazy/cheap shipping. This section of the website will show how to properly and safely ship rolled and folded posters.

Digitally organizing your collection, particularly large collections, using photo organization software is essential.  If you have a properly-organized digital collection, you can easily manage your total collection.

This section features collecting stories such as the “Berwick Discovery,” a trove of 1930-31 movie posters discovered in 2011 in the attic being used as insulation, and the Royal Theater Collection, a treasure trove of posters found in a hidden basement of an old movie theater in Provost, Canada!

COPYRIGHT ISSUES ARTICLECopyright.htmlCopyright.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

There is significant confusion in this hobby about copyright law and legal rights associated with movie posters and images of movie posters.  As this article explains, pursuant to the “first sale” doctrine a collector can legally own a physical copy of a movie poster.  However, collectors - and dealers as well - have no legal rights associated with images of copyrighted posters since those images are reproductions and are not “original works.” The movie studios are the copyright owners and they have the exclusive right to reproduce their posters. You may only post images, including your own images, of copyrighted posters if you obtain permission from the movie studios OR if the “fair use” exception applies.

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Unfortunately several major sellers of movie posters sell reprints of movie posters and label them as originals. This Hall of Shame is dedicated to outing these disgraceful sellers who are harming the movie poster hobby.

This section explains in detail how to determine the value of a particular movie poster.  It explains the importance of buying an “original” movie poster (as opposed to commercial or reprint posters), how to check past auction prices to determine fair market value, and the specific factors to consider: condition, rarity, creativity, artisty, etc.